Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Oh dear, look how much time has passed by since my last post! For shame, especially at this time when I have been really making an effort to get my work out more and more in other ways. Since my one-person exhibition went up at the Castellani Museum on February 1st, I've sent out about 20 packets to galleries and museums and alternative spaces, replying to calls for entries, and sending cold e-mails, looking for exhibition opportunities for the coming months and years.

So far I haven't heard back from anyone, but I know patience is a virtue. It can take weeks or even months to hear back from places, so for now I will continue to seek MORE places to check out and keeping the outflux of packages consistent and constant.

So, the opening went really great! Lots of people showed up (thanks, Facebook!) and I even sold a few smaller pieces -- and the buyers weren't related to me, even! ;) The artist talk was a little scary since there were way more people there than I expected, but despite my at times shaky voice, I think I did pretty well.

In other news, I finally bought a domain and some real estate on the internets. My website, Amy Greenan Art & Design, is still totally bare bones with barely a shingle hung outside the store front. Right now, it will direct you to this blog and my Etsy shop with little else. But bookmark it for future visits, as I do plan to get some photos and things of interest up sooner rather than later.

Nothing Was about to Happen

Nothing Was about to Happen

Nothing Was about to Happen

Nothing Was about to Happen

More photos can be viewed on my Flickr, if you wish.

Also, I am happy to announce two upcoming group shows that will include my work. The first will be in April at Artspace in Buffalo, and it will feature my work as well as the 11 other artists who participated in the NYFA MARK professional development program in 2008. We were quite a diverse group with many different styles and media, so it should be interesting and of quality.

The other show will open on May 1st at Artstream in Rochester, NH, called The Incredible Print Show. I don't know yet who the other artists are, but safe to say that it will be a wide selection of international participants. I plan to submit 4-6 pieces, which will be small print-based (duh) works on paper, with collage and other elements. I plan to attend the opening also, so if you are in the vicinity of southeast NH, you should check it out!

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