Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sarah F. Burns says, Collect Art!

Sarah F. Burns is an artist I found on Etsy a while back and whose blog I follow (though apparently not closely enough, since I missed, like months of great content!). She is not only a talented painter but also a good writer. As I was playing catch-up today, I found her blog post about collecting art that I thought was spot on; couldn't have said it better myself, by a long shot. So, if you are a collector or have always wanted to start your own art collection, definitely read what Sarah has to say on the subject!

Visit Sarah's Etsy shop.

Visit her website.

Dottie Damsel, charcoal on paper, 18" x 20", 2008

One Rock and Two Shells, oil, 9" x 12", 2009

Such lovely and thoughtful work!


Anonymous said...

You might also appreciate the works of Jett Jackson.

Lood at Alice in Wonderland Here!

sarahfburns said...

thanks for the nod! I really appreciate it.