Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lady Godiva's Operation

In case you haven't visited my Etsy shop in a while, I just posted another painting there and should have another couple in the coming days... going through my inventory and getting ready to say farewell to things, I guess. It would be great to see a few things find new homes before the end of the year!

Available now is Lady Godiva's Operation, an acrylic painting on canvas, 30" x 42".

This painting was recycled from a previous work, some remnants of which still remain visible, but fully integrated into the new work. I was inspired by those gorgeous Italian Renaissance portraits in profile, as well as the crazy cascade of my own hair. It was named after the Velvet Underground's amazing song, which came into my head as I chose to leave the disconnected heart in the new painting from the old. It was such an apt title! I consider this painting among the few real jewels of my collection of own work. I hope you will think so, too!

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Nicole said...

I love this one so much, Amy!