Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting Ready, and, It's Going to Be An Ox-Bow Kind of Summer

I had off today from any sort of obligations whatsoever. It felt really good. I slummed it a bit, but I also managed to make progress cleaning the basement. This is necessary not only because it was so messy that it was depressing, but also because my studio is down there and I am due to have some curatorial type folks come by one day soon (pretty much once I get my studio in order, so I had better get to it!).

So the basement as a whole is now in much better shape, but my studio still needs tidying and organizing. For the past couple months, I've been mainly running in and grabbing stuff I need and then throwing it back in when I'm done. You can imagine what any room will look like after a couple months of that sort of activity.

I don't think it will take too long to get it in presentable order, and I am excited to reclaim the space as somewhere I can make new work. I need to start doing that like yesterday with all the stuff I have coming up this summer and fall.

On another note, I am thrilled, like THRILLED to announce that I have been awarded my first artist residency! I'll have the pleasure of two weeks at Ox-Bow in July to focus on my work. It is much needed!

It's really going to be an Ox-Bow kind of summer, because if you recall I mentioned that I will also be attending the Paper & Book Intensive in May, which also takes place at Ox-Bow.

I hear they have the most excellent food there.