Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Work

I've really been enjoying having a real space to work in again, and have been quite productive! I have a few announcements to make in the next week or so and will save the surprise, but in the meantime I can share a few images.

Three works on paper for an upcoming group show at Studio Hart in Buffalo, called Love for Sale III...

These have titles like: "Hardcore Valentine", "Two Hearts Beat as One", and "Heart and Soul". The images aren't so much about love or valentines as much as what was going through my mind while I was finishing them... word associations with music. The bands Wire, U2, and Joy Division were the inspirations here.

Then, I have some works on small wood panels made for one of my collectors. This one is my favorite of the three. It's 7" x 5".

1 comment:

Betsy Grant said...

Nice work. I like the simplicity of of it. I make and post new music videos every week on my blogs which you might enjoy - for a change in listening as your paint.