Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Betsy Walton

Today's artist feature/Etsy discovery is Betsy Walton, who blows me away with her incredible imagery.

This original painting, "Pool People", is available at her Etsy shop for $300. A great price! If you're strapped for cash, though, look what you can get for $30: a limited edition print of a painting called "Possibilities Limited"...

On her website, she says about her work:

"Many of my paintings and drawings explore the tension and balance between the mysterious nature of our existence and the objects and environments we find in everyday life. We can experience the sublime in the same room where we fold the laundry, and perhaps at the same time.

My style is informed by a range of influences including Byzantine icon paintings, American folk art, geometric abstraction, and the work of many contemporary illustrators and painters.

I work with a spontaneous approach and few expectations of specific results. I rarely sketch preliminary drawings before diving into a painting, in the belief that the image formed through the painting process itself will be rich, revealing, and vital."

As an artist, I can totally relate to that last sentence -- it's how I approach my work, too. Really interesting! I love hearing about how other artists come to make their work.

You can also go to her Flickr to see sets of her exhibitions -- lots and lots of great stuff to look at.

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