Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lany Devening

One of my most favorite new finds over at Etsy is an artist named Lany Devening. Over in her shop you can find all kinds of gorgeous silkscreen prints with somewhat tragic, dark themes throughout -- but they are definitely something you can hang on your wall even if you're not a goth kid, for sure. Me, I like a little something "off" or unexpected in the art I choose to display, and Lany's work fits the bill in a thousand ways -- they are completely right. But here, you can see for yourself, just two of the many prints from a series of the United States. And right now, she's having a BOGO sale on them, a steal for $20 for 2, if you can believe it -- each print has 10-15 colors, not easy to do!

Iowa, 8" x 9"

New Mexico, 8" x 9"

She's got plenty more great prints to see, so be sure to visit her shop, tout de suite!


Expressions By Devin said...

Great feature blog.Off to check out her shop.You have a awesoemblog and etsy shop:0)

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Woah, 10-15 colors on a screenprint is not easy to achieve let alone do well. Nice picks here...thanks for sharing.

Jamie Watson said...

Super cool artwork. Glad I found out about it through you!

Also glad I found your blog. Will come back to visit! That is rad that you make zines.

Happy Thanksgiving!