Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yesterday I went back to the museum where my current show is hanging. I had set up an informal Q & A session for those who didn't make it to the opening — nothing official, just a Facebook-invite sort of thing. No one ended up coming, which was OK since I live just literally a few minutes away, but I made good use of the time, wandering around and having second looks at things, both in my exhibition and in the other areas of the museum. I took photos because there were a few things I really wanted to remember — though for shame, I didn't take down the names of the artists on a few. Anyway, here's what I saw and really liked.

Rauschenburg and me
(Self-portrait in a Rauschenburg)

Alice Neel
(One of my all-time favorite painters, Alice Neel)

Wooden lady
(I love this beautiful wooden sculpture... need to find out who the artist is)

Jed Jackson
(Ah, Jed Jackson!)

Ralston Crawford
(Ralston Crawford)

Phillip Elliott
(SO gorgeous! Phillip Elliott)

I think it is interesting to see what art really grabs me, seeing it in a group like this, and comparing the group to my own art — not that I am saying my work compares to the work of these artists, just looking at individual elements: color, composition, concept, things like that.

On another kind of inspiration, a beautiful abandoned house I'll be painting in the near future. This one was just off Niagara St. near downtown, Buffalo, NY.

Off Niagara Street

Off Niagara Street

I'm sitting here trying not be gloomy about the impending Monday morning that will be upon us soon! A little cheer, perhaps.

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Ruby Khan said...

The sculpture reminds me a little bit of Marianna Pineda.