Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Designer by Day

(click for larger, more detailed view)

Here is the desk where I spend all my weekdays, designing catalogs and advertisements for a small, independent book publisher. I don't have much else to show you today.

Lately, life has been full of dying kitties :( and home & garden upkeep. Our 10-year-old cat, Azrael, was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure last week and his decline has been quick and steady, so sad. Much of our time has been spent with him, as well as on the inevitable spring cleanup, inside and out. Not much time left for art-making, unfortunately. I really would benefit from a nice week-long residency somewhere, that is for sure. Hopefully one of those I apply for in the coming months will come through, but in the meantime, I really need to figure out how carve time out for art, even a few minutes at a time would be better than nothing.

Is it bad that I am admitting this here? I'm probably too open for my own good.



Jenn said...

oh, i love seeing people's work spaces - even day job work spaces! - so thanks for sharing this. and i'm so very sorry about azreal. hugs.

Ecstacticize said...

You're not alone! I think we all spend a great amount of time trying to figure out a balance. Lord knows I have to mark it on my calendar and turn the internet off still.

I'm so glad you found me! I'm looking forward reading your blog!

ps I'm also so sorry about your cat, they are the best companions. "Time with cats is never wasted."