Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cigar bands redux

As promised, I have photos of the two latest cigar band pretties to show you! You can click on the images to view them much larger if you wish.

First up: Ed, Jed, and Marshall on a Sunny Day, 4.5" x 4, 2009.

This piece is dedicated to artist Jed Jackson (and will probably go to him). Three of the cigar bands that I used came directly from the men referred to in the title, who gave them to me outside on the patio of the Castellani Museum on the day of Jed's exhibition opening. And yes, it was a unseasonably beautiful, warm, sunny day.

And All the Ladies (CALM), 8" x 7", 2009.

I love how the word "CALM" is spelled out vertically among the cacophony of color and design in the rest of the piece. This truly developed organically. I was very glad to find that odd double band that had one totally blank area, torn away from a previous effort, I guess. How fortunate that it tore away totally retaining the gorgeous shape of the band! It reminded me of a cloud, which in turn inspired the pale blue sky-like area at the top, also a result of being unable to bear interfering with the line that was created by the topmost bands. It just all came together fortuitously, and I am quite pleased with the result.

I expect that I will squeeze out a few more of these before I run out of materials. The process of creating these is indeed calming, meditative, and just plain fun, to be honest. I don't know about you, but as an artist it is imperative that I have fun. Otherwise, why bother?


Sherri L said...

LOVE these!

Ross Peterson said...

Really the Cigar bands displayed are very beautiful with different colours and certain letters written on it.The pictures posted on it makes it very royal and gives it a majestic look.Everybody would love to have one of them and once it is floated in the market could have customers running for it.I think you have also displayed some bands of famous Cuban Cigars which is everyones favourite.

Amy Greenan said...

Thanks, Ross! I would like to make more of these little cigar band collages in the future and glad you like them. My partner smokes cigars regularly so I have a good supply to keep me busy!