Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Studio Open for Classes and Lessons!

Though I assume most of my readers live far away from Niagara Falls, NY, where my studio is, I thought I would share information about the classes and lessons that I am now able to offer. After all, I did have a student come from Florida to study bookbinding with me a couple years ago (Hi, Dianna!), and another with her daughter from Pennsylvania (Hi, Kaersten and Olivia!).

I have several one-day workshops and four-week courses lined up for early summer, starting on May 15th. These include bookbinding, printmaking, painting, and drawing. You can view the Facebook event page for the initial offerings of bookbinding workshops, and you can also head over to my website to get more information about my general offerings, as well as a downloadable brochure.

In addition to what is listed, I have the flexibility to work around a student's schedule. We can work something out if the days and times I have planned don't work for you! Days, evenings, weekends... whatever!

If you are indeed from out of town, perhaps you'd like to plan a trip to Niagara Falls and include a one-day workshop with me! In addition to teaching, I can advise you on some fun things to do and see in the region, which is rich with culture and history. (Also, Buffalo is just minutes away and has lots to do!) Though the city of Niagara Falls, NY is a mere ghost of the tourist capital it used to be, the falls themselves are a must-see and on the American side we have a lovely, more natural view of them. You can also go over to the Canadian side for the admittedly more showy view, but you also have an extremely commercialized version. Both sides are worth exploring.

Anyway, whether you're a local or a tourist, I hope that you'll keep me in mind when you get a creative urge!


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