Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Amy Earles

Oops, I guess I said "yesterday" the day before, which makes me a day late. Sorry about that!;)

Today's featured artist is Amy Earles, about whom I know very little but who makes beautiful images. Unfortunately, her website is under construction at the moment, and her Etsy shop isn't very revealing about her person, but I guess when the work is this good who cares? (Well, I do... but it doesn't make me hold anything against her or anything, of course! I just like to know some personal info about artists, and/or the stories behind their work) Anyway. I discovered a little painting that was featured in one of those major design blogs one day, which led me to her shop, and my subsequent purchase of said painting, of a little witch girl and two tiny ghosts...

Anyway, she has an interesting variety of things available: original paintings, prints, postcards, and paper dolls. Here are a few of my favorites.

"Persuasion", paper doll with painted background, $280

"Benevolence", print of an original painting, $17

"Red Cape", original gouache painting, $50

This leads to me to think, Hm, perhaps I should try and do an interview here and there with an artist? Stay tuned.


In the meantime, I may leave you with an image of one of my own little works. This one is actually from a year or two ago, but having revisited it recently, I have fallen for it all over again. It's a drawing made in white pencil and acrylic paint on black paper, with a splatter of light blue paint here and there. The image was inspired by a photo I had taken of a former classmate when one day I was especially struck by her outfit and hair. Her name is Veronique, and the title in my fractured French way is to mean either Veronique dreams, or the dream of Veronique, or simply a dream Veronique. I always wanted to call her "Vero" but she wouldn't have it. So now I do. I think she will go into my February show.

"Vero Reve", 13" x 6.5" (2006)

As always, you may click on each photo for a closer, larger view.


Angie said...

Very interesting work. I like the paper doll with the painted background the best.

lupe said...

Veronique is awesome!
I love how soft and faded she looks.
nice work !

Brandon said...

I'm in love w/ the paper doll!
Very cool

Stacey said...

The paper girl and red coated cutie are my favorites!

Timeless Designs said...

Very interesting work; it's always great to learn about other Etsy people!