Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Changing Perspective

Back in November, Keri Smith wrote about changing one's perspective and included a list of ways you could do so. I love this one:

12. Add something to your name. ("the 3rd", "the great", "the illustrious") Alternate: Add some letters to your name but don't tell anyone.

I took pen and paper and played with my first name, since it's so simple and short. I liked what I ended up with, something more seemingly exotic and unusual (would you believe that my mom thought she was being different when she named me back in 1970?).

From Amy to Amiey or Amiy or even making myself plural: Amieys!

I wonder if anyone would notice... too bad my show invites are probably already at the printers! Har.


I know, I've been remiss in the art lately! I try to stay off the computer on the weekends and save them for making stuff -- art and food mostly -- and catching up on movies. Today I am going to direct you to a few artists and craftspersons with a quickie post.

Nicole Lecht is one of my co-workers who happens to be a talented graphic designer and illustrator. I love this letterpress bird series she posted recently.

Over at Enhabiten's shop, there are pillows, ornaments, and jewelry -- all made from fabrics -- AND the things that really caught my eye. I absolutely love her fiber-based artworks. This one is my favorite.

This particular quilt by ScrappyLynn is my dream quilt. If I had an extra $800 laying around, it would be at the top of my list! I'd really love to invest in a beautiful handmade quilt one day, and I would want it to be something like this.

There's something incredibly beautiful and mysterious in the simplicity of shellyklein's art.

Finally, in the vast world of stuffies, these guys made by Lou Lou and Oscar really stand out. My current favorite is this Polar Fish Boy! Too cute and unique...

That's it for today! Tomorrow I hope to be able to share some more sneak peeks at my own work that will be included in my show.


valerie said...

Polar Fish Boy is cute!

Tanya said...

I second the comment before me. Polar Fish Boy is pure awesomeness.