Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New work!

Augh, I probably shouldn't share these photos as they were taken in the dark basement very quickly and carelessly, but I must admit: I'm a little excited. I've been working on some new paintings in the past week and want to share. Believe me, I will get much better photos up eventually -- I want to put my best foot forward, but no one said patience was my virtue! In the meantime, here. These paintings are all acrylic on canvas and around 30" x 40" or so.

Some landscapes inspired by the train ride through the Hudson Valley:


The first painting in a pair of portraits inspired by Renaissance profile paintings:


These may or may not be fully realized at this point... I'm always continuing to fuss, but overall I am pleased with them as they are. I have several more large canvases and ideas ready for the next few -- churning away! More portraits, and some architecture (i.e. old houses) on the way. And probably another funny Hudson hill, extra large.

Thanks for having a look! Back to our regular programming next time. :)


Anonymous said...

lovely, lovely work. :-)

etsy greetings from equivoque

Sherri L said...

love these...

Nicole said...

oh i love these! very nice.